Partners in awesome.

Our agency partners are designers and marketers that push the envelope, thrive on excellence, and like to have fun along the way. We are honored to develop websites for these fantastic teams.

Roger That is driven to change the branding and website design process with their trademark Brand Sprint™. They like to think outside the box with their designs, and we enjoy delivering their uncommon requests…with lots of GIPHY sharing throughout the process.

Latest Success: Scribe Media
Custom WordPress Development Services for Roger That

Now I have peace of mind.

Making Chee Studio a core business partner is one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date. Finding a development team I can rely on used to keep me up at night. Literally. Now I have peace of mind—and budget!—knowing Lars and his team have my back. Chee Studio is reliable, collaborative, fun to work with, and consistently exceeds expectations. Roger That clients are always delighted with the final product.

Jennifer Ruwart
Roger That

Bureau For Good is a branding and design agency that focuses on nonprofit brand communications with clients such as Columbia and Stanford universities, Action Against Hunger, and others. Maria De La Gaurdia has been going strong since 2009, and her designs are big, bold and an absolute pleasure to develop!

Latest Success: Stanford HAI
Custom WordPress Development Services for Bureau For Good

Simply the best development team.

Chee Studio has become our main go-to partner for web development. They are simply the best development team we’ve ever worked with. They’re incredibly knowledgeable, absolutely accountable, and enthusiastic about what they do. They’re a pleasure to work with.

Maria De La Guardia
Founder & Principal
Bureau for Good

This global PR agency has been telling stories for 30 years. We were grateful to build their blog, as a container for those stories, and later to work on The City of Fremont website with them.

Latest Success: Fremont Police
Custom WordPress Development Services for The Hoffman Agency

Chee regularly goes above and beyond.

Response times are fast as lightning and they always have solutions on-hand and ready to take on any challenge. Chee regularly goes above and beyond and we appreciate the can-do attitude…makes a difference all around!

Chauncey Hill
The Hoffman Agency

Ilusio’s focus on purpose-driven organizations, and the exceptional design skills they bring to the table, inspire us to find creative solutions for the unique projects we’ve worked on together.

Latest Success: Travel Southern Oregon
Custom WordPress Development Services for Illusio

A rare breed of WordPress coding masters.

We’ve partnered with Chee on various web development projects for over three years and it’s always a pleasure working with them. They’re a rare breed of WordPress coding masters who consistently take our design concepts and craft responsive, leanly coded, and highly interactive websites. Their lead developer, Lars, is also crazy efficient at production so it’s huge when we have projects with tighter timelines. No worries, you’re covered.

Beyond Lars’ development skills, he’s represented our company as a project manager and works both independently and collaboratively. Lars responds quickly to emails and Skype conversations, we love that! We look forward to our continued collaboration on more projects together because hot damn, this dude rocks.

Chuck Spidell

A branding and strategy studio with a diverse client base that spans companies, nonprofits, tourism, government agencies, and higher education. HUB partners with clients to find and capture the big idea, bring it to life, define success, and provide the roadmap to get there.

Latest Success: Carbon County, Utah
Custom WordPress Development Services for HUB

They have elevated our designs.

Core to what we do is find people we like working with and provide them with fun projects to collaborate on. We love working with Chee Studio, they, like us, are always up for a creative challenge – they are inspired by logic and a common sense approach to web design and development. They work with us to understand what we are hoping to accomplish, offer suggestions, and execute to the highest degree. In each of our projects, I can confidently say that they have elevated our designs, handled the curve balls, and created something that has an ease of ownership that our clients appreciate.

Jen Guibord
Director of Creative Development
Hub Collective

Soul Camp Creative is an east coast agency, focused on conscious companies and brands that are positively impacting the planet. They’ve also created Soul Camp, an adult sleepaway camp for the soul that served transformative experiences to over 3,000 campers.

Latest Success: Elatia Abate
Custom WordPress Development Services for Soul Camp Creative

Chee feels like a part of our team.

I’ve run my own design agency for 10 years and have always struggled with finding the right developer. In all honesty, I didn’t know enough about development to choose the right ones. Unfortunately, I realized this when our clients’ sites started to break down and the implementation of our designs wasn’t representing the quality of work we do. As an agency that charges a premium price, this just wouldn’t cut it. Enter Lars and Chee Studio. Chee feels like a part of our team in the best way. They work with our processes, create truly solid sites, and also help us think of new ways to innovate. We’ve been able to charge our clients more because the quality of our sites up-leveled, we can’t wait to show our clients the front and back-end of their sites, and we are even more proud of the work we do. I highly suggest partnering with Chee Studio if you are in need of a development team who is flexible, efficient, and highly-skilled.

Alison Leipzig
Creative Director
Soul Camp Creative

A Silicion Valley duo that we’ve enjoyed building a variety of websites for over the years, because of the attention to detail and user experience they apply to each project.

Latest Success: ZypTV
Custom WordPress Development Services for PaperSky Design

Has always surpassed expectations.

We are so fortunate to have Chee Studio as our web development partner. We have collaborated with them on numerous digital initiatives for a variety clients, and the outcome has always surpassed expectations. Lars Faye is one of the most knowledgeable and talented developers that we have worked with; his keen attention to detail and ability to execute our designs in pixel-perfect fashion has been invaluable.

Marni Zampa
Paper Sky Design

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More praise for our work.

More praise for our work.

“Working with Chee has been a terrific experience. Their lead developer, Lars, has always been responsive, helpful and quick to add value at every step of the project. He not only possesses the technical know-how, but he also has the creative chops to really bring your ideas to life. Not to mention a personality that makes clients feel as if they are working with the right guy. I’ve seen him impress our team time and time again. What more could you ask for?”

Eric Arvizu, Marketing Manager

More praise for our work.

“Chee completed our project with both great technical competence and caring customer service.

They were on track with our WordPress site when we decided to redesign major elements and implement a new framework – they responded by reshaping and completing the project in an exceptionally short timeframe.”

Jed Bickford, Marketing Manager

More praise for our work.

“I just wanted to acknowledge what an immense value Chee has brought to BEF, particularly for the newly launched website. Not only are they acutely knowledgeable about the field, but they are extremely solution-oriented, exceptional communicators and project managers, and just a joy to work with. Their rates are considerably competitive given the value of their efficient working style, as well as their ability to continually advise me as a designer and content developer, ultimately turning my ideas into a functioning site.”

Tiffany Meyer, Marketing Director